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The new approach to agrifinance.



  • Provides crop farmers with pre-plant finance for input costs such as seed, chemicals, fertiliser, water and fuel as well as crop insurance, lease payments, agronomy services and contractors

  • 'Grow-now-pay-later’ concept gives farmers flexibility to access crop inputs when they need them

  • Loan duration aligned to winter and summer cropping seasons providing cash-flow certainty

  • Repayment in cash and clear repayment dates

  • Security over crop and not land

  • New season applications available immediately following harvest

  • Provides wool producers with a solution to unlock the equity in their clipped wool

  • Maximum 65% LVR against baled wool held in third party storage

  • Wool is sold on borrowers instruction

  • Repay with wool sale proceeds

  • Maximum 12 months

  • Provides producers with funding to purchase livestock including brokerage, transport and transaction costs, as well as animal health related products allowing herd build and quality improvement

  • Available pre-purchase on ‘conditionally approved’ basis providing producers certainty when going to market/auctions

  • Not structured around seasonal drivers, allowing flexibility on loan duration

  • Funding when the producer needs it providing cash flow certainty

  • Security over purchased livestock through PPSR PMSI

  • Provides dairy producers with funding to grow or purchase fodder for their dairy herd

  • Winter or summer fodder

  • Re-payment must be made directly via Milk Processor

  • Covers irrigation water, fertiliser, chemical, pasture, seed, lease payments, diesel, feed supplements and fodder

  • Fills gap left by milk processors who have previously lent in this space and withdrawn

  • All types farm equipment financed

  • New and Used equipment

  • Low-doc <$150k available

  • Chattel Mortgage and Finance Leases available

  • Flexible product design

LOGO / Black - Flexible finance for Australian farmers

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    tractor agpay agrifinance
    • Access to funding when required
    • Fast turnaround
    • Flexible
    • Repay from proceeds of sale at end of season
    • Freedom to spend with the retailer of your choice
    • See all your transactions and live balances on your or phone or PC
    • Paperless – online application
    • agPAY™ for farmers helps business cashflow
    • Unlocks opportunities to do more business
    • Saves time working on store credit management
    • Paperless – online application


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