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Full suite of agri finance solutions:

  • Crop

  • Livestock

  • Dairy (Fodder)

  • Asset Finance

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  • The application process is simple and all online

  • Repayment dates are tailored to seasonal commodity and havest cycle

  • Just click on apply now then complete the details - as easy as that


agPAY Plus

Both products can be used either separately or together

  • Unsecured credit line for all agri-businesses

  • Powered by Mastercard and AirPlus

  • Use the card on your phone anywhere

  • Secure fraud prevention system

  • Easy controls to set limits or block the card

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  • Online or In Store; Wherever you buy from

  • Any purchases for an agri-business

  • Up to 90 day terms

  • Can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted

  • No line fee

  • Only pay for the credit you use

Service areas

Supporting Farmers across multiple industries


Asset Finance




  • Finance for input costs such as seed, chemicals, fertiliser, water and fuel as well as crop insurance, lease payments, agronomy services and contractors

  • 'Grow-now-pay-later’ to access crop inputs when needed without waiting for bank approval

  • Loan duration aligned to winter and summer cropping seasons providing cash-flow certainty

  • Security over crop and not land

  • Asset Finance

  • Low-doc < $250k available

  • All types of farm equipment financed

  • New and used equipment

  • Private sales accepted

  • Chattel Mortgage and Finance Leases available

  • Flexible product design

  • Livestock

  • Funding to purchase livestock including brokerage, insurance and transport costs, as well as animal health related products allowing herd build and quality improvement

  • Available pre-purchase on ‘conditionally approved’ basis for certainty when going to market/auctions

  • Flexible loan duration

  • Funding when the producer needs it providing cash flow certainty

  • Security over purchased livestock through PPSR PMSI

  • Dairy

  • Funding to grow or purchase fodder for the dairy herd

  • Winter or summer fodder

  • Re-payment must be made directly around the milk cheque

  • Covers irrigation water, fertiliser, chemical, pasture, seed, lease payments, diesel, feed supplements and fodder

  • Fills gap left by milk processors who have previously lent in this space and withdrawn

How it works

Taking you through the journey

AG Pay
AG Pay PLus
    Step 1
    • Apply online

    Step 2
    • Purchase key farm inputs at merchant of choice

    Step 3
    • agPAY pays the invoice on your behalf

    Step 4
    • You repay agPAY post sale

    Step 1
    • Apply online

    • Easy online application

    Step 2
    • Identification:

    • If you have a valid passport complete identification online

    • Otherwise use an ID card (eg drivers’ licence) at a local bank branch.

    Step 3
    • Virtual Card:

    • A virtual credit card is the digital version of a plastic Mastercard

    • Each virtual card generated comes with a unique credit card number, CVC and expiry date

    Step 4
    • Easy Payments

    • The agPAY AirPlus card can be used for all agriculture supplier payments

    • The Virtual card can also be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted

What people have said

Feedback from our community

The process of signing up was extremely easy which I found great, especially during a stressful time. Accessing the Agpay online portal was extremely easy to use and to upload documents, they were also quick at paying the invoices which was great to have a consistently reliable service. ”


Crop Farmer NSW

my first experience with agPAY was really seamless.  I applied on line, uploaded my financials and cropping plan and received the approval and documents in 48 hours.  I could then negotiate better prices from my suppliers with money in my pocket. ”

Wes, Crop Farmer VIC

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